suckless, anticapitalist, public domain game for everyone
Easily the most plain and boring FPS I've ever played.
Onpon4, libre game developer
Technically the most impressive game on Pokito yet.
Jonne, the creator of Pokitto
Kill yourself.
Anonymous on 4chan

This isn't a 90s style retro shooter, this is a 90s shooter.

This game runs everywhere and adheres to great simplicity. It is much more efficient and portable than Doom and has completely no dependencies. Not even floating point is used, in case your computer doesn't have the HW unit. The game can fit into 200 KB (including assets!) and can run with just 32 KB RAM. No build system, library, internet connection or package manager is inherently required for compilation as the whole game is written in pure C language.

This is an experiment and art that categorically rejects capitalist technology.

screenshots hd screenshots MORE THAN A GAME

This is not a mere entertainment or toy meant for killing time or pursuing low goals such as making profit or something to put on portfolio, this is much more. Anarch is completely gratis and free as in freedom and besides entertainment can also be used for education, research, hacking, media creation, as a benchmark, as a test, as an environment, as an engine, as a basis for something greater. You are not limited by anything, there are no conditions to agree to. Nothing is hidden, everything is allowed, no burdens are imposed. The best motivation for creating anything is only the pure love of creation for its own sake, unburdened by any other goal than creating something truly useful.

screenshots NO ONE OWNS THIS

Not even I, the creator, own any part of this game. I have purposefully created everything myself from scratch, including the engine, graphics, sounds, music, even the font and palette, so that I could eventually give up all my rights and dedicate this game fully and completely to the public domain, to you, my dear fellow human being. No one should be allowed to own information and art.

I've done my best to ensure this is 100% free as in freedom software and culture, well understandable and documented. This isn't made for any profit. This is made out of love, for you and for the greater good.



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