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This site works best without JavaScript. Please consider downgrading to a less modern browser. I shit on your privacy. Also, I love you :-) <3

Welcome to my webpage :) I keep and share some of my thoughts and files here. I keep it brief here and post more data (such as favorite links and configs) over here. This page is perfectly designed with web bloat score < 0.4. I also have an experimental gopherhole (currently offline). Yandex umí překládat do češtiny.

Whoever you are, I endlessly and unconditionally love you <3 I am deeply moved and happy by your mere existence, I want to hug you <( O _ O )>

Please visit my Less Retarded Wiki. It records my worldview, its explanation, my knowledge of technology, tutorials and more.

Since I've been banned from Wikipedia, here are some non-sexual, completely legal PHOTOS OF NAKED CHILDREN, hosted by Wikipedia itself: 1, 2, 3, 4. Please stop being afraid of nudity.

Since I'm getting more bans all over the Internet, such as on my once favorite Wikimedia Commons, I created my own repository of public domain works for you to download. Please enjoy <3 :-) I will continue to share the truth, knowledge and love as long as I am able to, I'll pay for a site hosting in Antarctica or North Korea if I have to, you will have to physically kill me to silence me. You cannot cancel me, I have nothing to lose but my life now.

NOTE, especially for 4chan: sometimes someone on the Internet anonymously posts on my behalf, e.g. in the 4chan website sharing threads. I no longer use 4chan (in fact I'm banned), so if you see "me" there, it is not me. The responses are not mine. The publicity is good, but if you want to tell me something or hear my true response, rather message me on email.

About Me

I am a disgusting piece of shit that for some reason repels everyone and would do best to commit suicide to make the planet a better place for everyone. I try very hard to find out what's wrong with me so that I can fix it, but no one ever tells me, everyone just runs away.

I am a living being, great ape of the homo sapiens species, white race, male sex and normal (straight, mildly bisexual) orientation. My name is Miloslav Číž, I was born on 24 August 1990 and I live in the region of Moravia, Earth. I have master's degree in computer science (focused on computer graphics) from FIT BUT but I don't work in the industry because it gives me anxiety and I don't want to support unethical technology. Nevertheless capitalism forces me to be a slave, I've been doing various minimum wage jobs such as cleaning and newspaper distribution. My online handles are tastyfish, drummy and drummyfish (sometimes also smellyfish, tasty, drumy and other variants). I speak Czech, Slovak, English and a bit of Spanish. I once looked like this (now more like this). My naked photos are here and here. I give everyone an explicit and unconditional consent to behave sexually towards me. Currently I am trying to start partially living in a caravan inawoods.

I am an idealist pacifist anarcho-communist (a true extreme left) — please read the free as in freedom Anarchist FAQ to learn more. I love all that lives, even those that cause me pain. My intention is NOT to fight against opposition, but to end the fight by achieving peaceful coexistence of everyone. I do NOT support the mainstream US fascist pseudo left (LGBT, feminists, Antifa etc.) and so I am bullied and hated by both right and pseudo left. My philosophy and politics are summed up on my LRS Wiki and in my manifesto Non-Competitive Society. Some facts whose knowledge I promote include:

My total monthly income is roughly 390 EUR from my part time job plus 250 EUR of my disability pension plus a few EUR (usually around 6) from the amazing people who contribute to me.

Fun facts:

I am EXTREMELY shy and lonely and miss human contact, I am looking for a cuddle friend (may be sexual or not), preferably female (biological or trans) or even a cute male. You may also let me know even if you're unsure or don't exactly fit my demand, if you want to be just close friends, want a relationship etc. If you can, just send me your nudes right away.

Contacts and social media:

Some things I like (no particular order):

Some things I dislike (disliking people doesn't contradict loving them):

Notable Projects

Here is a highlight of projects I made or contributed to. Many are unfinished and/or have flaws, but are part of my history. For all projects see my contacts.

Besides the following list, you can check out my Less Retarded Software, my text data and my writings.

Small public domain no dependency from scratch anticapitalist suckless Doom clone.
Fixed point C99 header only no dependency 3D software rasterizer for small computers.
Suckless ultra portable C "fantasy console" for tiny games.
KISS/suckless programming language as a basis for better technology.
C raycasting engine for resource-limited computers.
Tiny suckless C chess library and engine.
Small suckless pure C fixed point physics engine.
WM Commons files
Files I have created for Wikimedia Commons.
OpenMW contrib.
Game engine rewrite that taught me collaboration on a big codebase.
OGA art
Various public domain game art I made that taught me many skills.
Less Retarded Wiki
Wiki about truly good free+suckless technology and related topics.
Extremely KISS/suckless compression algorithm/library/utility.
Repository of my notable public domain artworks.
Extremely KISS/suckless chat.
Bombman (GH)
99% finished Bomberman game clone.
Mage-Rage (GH)
Early game of mine, won first prize in a competition.
Steamer Duck (GH)
School project game made with Python.
Tower defense game for Arduboy.
small book reader
Simple portable book reader.
OpenMF (GH)
Co-founded the project, am no longer active but learned a lot.
Haskell game (GH)
Ray casting FPS ASCII game I made to learn Haskell.
ptdesigner (GH)
Procedural texture library and tool made for my bachelor's thesis.
My first rendering engine, a lot of valuable experience.
Master's thesis work, demonstration of rendering of non-planar mirrors.
Non-Competitive Society
Text I have writte about my life philosophy, political opinions and an ideal society.
Thesis DB (GH)
Big database of Czech computer science theses.
videos (YT)
Videos I've made over the years.
Wikipedia contributions
My contributions to Wikipedia.
Minetest texture pack
High-res hand-painted public domain texture pack for Minetest.
Personal website, taught me a lot about web design over the years.
Wave Simulator
Simple physics simulator in JavaScript.
SoL Simulator
Simple simulator of speed of light distortion, in JavaScript.
GitViz (GH)
Simple script to make animations of a Git repository file.
3D MIDI drum visualizer.
distr. ray tracer
School project, distributed ray tracer.
ASM Minesweeper
School project, minesweeper written in assembly and WINAPI.
GUX Fractals
School project, renders fractals.
PokiPad & LILIDE
Moddable text editor for Pokitto, plus a version with LIL interpreter.
Brutal Sudoku
Very early (high school) Pascal program for solving sudoku.
Panda RPG
Unfinished 3D RPG.
Chess, high school graduation project.
Procedural music generator.
Simple musical instrument controlled with mouse, in Python.

Free (as in Freedom) Software, Free Culture, Suckless Software

I greatly support free culture, free software, public domain and information freedom. I am against copyright and the concept of intellectual property. I live these ideals and contribute to free culture, mainly by programming games, other software tools and creating various kinds of art, both of which I contribue to public domain under CC0.

I furthermore very much support suckless software, countercomplexity, technology minimalism, Unix philosophy and their strict application to all technology. See my LRS Wiki for more.

Here is a list of technology I am currently using:

librebooted ThinkPad X200 from Vikings
operating system
Devuan (ensures free data, unlike GNU)
cell phone
Ringo MAKERphone
keyboard, mouse
Genius KB-110x, A4Tech Bloody V7M
text editor
TXT, MD, HTML, ghostwriter, LaTeX, LibreOffice
Web/Gopher browser
BadWolf, Lynx, Waterfox
email client
bitmap graphics editor
GIMP, imagemagick, GMIC
vector graphics editor
3D editor
video editor
Blender, ffmpeg
audio editor
music editor
screen recording
Simple Screen Recorder
C99, Python, JavaScript, Bash, C++, ...
personal transport
Eska Folder 1980

Besides others I am proudly NOT using mobile data, smartphone, credit cards, Windows, Apple, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Skype, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, GitHub, Twitch, LinkedIn, Reddit, WhatsApp, Messenger, Tumblr, Telegram, TikTok, Alexa, Craigslist, mobile "apps" and proprietary SW including proprietary games. I don't own a car. I don't go to dentist or hairdresser.


I'm not exactly living in poverty but as I refuse to work in/with tech, I have hard time making money and I'll be very glad for any donation. Please only donate if you can really afford it. I save my money and buy things that make me more independent so that I can maximize time and energy I put into creating things that really matter. I also use some of my money to occasionally donate to a good cause. I would like to thank everyone who ever sent me any donation, I truly appreciate every single one. You can donate to me with LiberaPay or (sadly proprietary) PayPal or itch.io.


In this section I keep files from my old websites.

The webpage has been changing over the years. I started at high school with plain HTML, later added some PHP and CSS. I always made my own graphics and reworked the web several times. When the PHP code became bloated, I switched over to Wordpress, and after that to Pelican (the source is still available here). After that I am back to HTML. The circle is complete.

This page is released under CC0 1.0 (public domain). This page uses Aileron CC0 font (if loaded properly).