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YouTube (also JewTube) is a huge, censored proprietary capitalist video consuming "website"/platform, since 2006 seized by the Google terrorist organization. It has become the monopoly "video content platform", everyone uploads his videos there and so everyone is forced to use that shitty site from time to time to view some tutorial or whatnot. YouTube is based on content consumerism, aggressive predatory marketing, copyright trolling, propaganda and general abuse of its useds -- it is financed from surveillance-powered ads as well as sponsor propaganda inserted into videos. Alternatives to YouTube, such as bitchute, the "rightist" YouTube, never really caught on very much -- YouTube is sadly synonymous with online videos just as Google is synonymous with searching the web. This is of course extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely bad.

{ https://www.vidlii.com seems alright though, at least as a curiosity. Anyway if you need to watch YouTube, do not use their website, it's shitty as hell and you will die of ad cancer, rather use something like invidious or youtube-dl. ~drummyfish }

A FOSS alternative to YouTube is e.g. PeerTube, a federated video platform, however for intended use it requres JavaScript and there are other issues that make it unusable (SJW censorship, videos load extremely slowly, ...). There also exist alternative YouTube frontends (normally also FOSS), e.g. HookTube, Invidious or FreeTube -- these let you access YouTube's videos via less bloated and more privacy-friendly interface. More hardcore people use CLI tools such as youtube-dl to directy download the videos and watch them in native players.

In November 2021 YouTube removed the dislike count on videos so as to make it impossible to express dislike or disagreement with their propaganda as people naturally started to dislike the exponentially skyrocketing shit and immorality of content corporations and SJWs started to force promote on YouTube (such as that infamous Lord of the Rings series with "afro american" dwarves that got like a billion dislikes lmao). In other words capitalism has made it to the stage of banning disagreement when people started to dislike the horse shit they're being force fed. This was met with a wave of universal criticism but of course YouTube told people to shut up and keep consuming that horse excrement -- of course zoomers are just brainless zombies dependent on YouTube like a street whore on heroin so they just accepted that recommendation. Orwell would definitely be happy to see this.

LMAO, as of 2022 YouTube has become the kingdom of clickbait. If you're living in the future and haven't seen this, you wouldn't believe how ridiculously fucked up it is, the platform is quite literally UNUSABLE (but it's still consumable and addictive to idiots so it works) -- ALL videos, including (and especially) those of the "serious" YouTubers (like mr. Veritasium), put absolutely misleading and downright made up lying thumbnails and titles, the videos have zero correlation with how they're presented. Additionally the majority of thumbnails has to be occupied by some femoid's breasts, even "educational science videos", so as to force children to click it and masturbate (YouTube can really be seen as a soft porn site now). Everyone has to do it because everyone does it. In other words capitalism is once again working as expected. Yeah and also ALL videos include sponsored content, again even the "educational science videos" that children are forced to watch at schools etc. -- this is in addition to "normal" ads that randomly play during the videos.

A typical 2022 YouTube video now looks like this:

YouTube is also a copyright dictatorship, anyone can take down any video containing even the slightest clip from a video he uploaded, even if such use would legally be allowed under fair use and even if that user doesn't have any copyright to enforce (YouTube simply supposes that whoever uploads a video to their site first must have created that video as a whole and holds a godlike power over it), i.e. YouTube is de facto making its own copyright laws which are much more strict that they are in real life (which is hard to imagine but they managed to do it). In other words there is a corporation that makes laws which effectively are basically just like normal laws except they don't even pass any law making process, their evaluation doesn't pass through justice system (courts), and the sole purpose of these laws is to rape people for money that goes solely to pay for YouTube CEO's whores and private jets. A reader in the future probably won't believe it, but there are even people who say that "this is OK" because, quote, I shit you not, """they're a private company so they can do whatever they want""". Yes, such arguments have come out of some lifeform's mouth. That probably implies a negative IQ.

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