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{ Still researching this shit etc. ~drummyfish }

XXIIVV is a website and personal wiki (similar concept to our wiki) of a Canadian minimalist/esoteric programmer/artist/generalist David Mondou-Labbe who calls himself "Devine Lu Linvega" (lol) who is a part of an artist/programmer group called Hundred Rabbits who live on a ship. The site is accessible at http://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/home.html. There are some real good and pretty bad things about it.

Firstly let's see the letdowns: HE LICENSES HIS ART AND SOME OF HIS CODE UNDER CC-BY-NC-SA -- retard alert!. Honestly he can shove this up his ass. He's an open soars fanboy. At least some of his code is MIT, but he also makes fucking PROPRIETARY PAID software (e.g. Verreciel). The guy also seems egoistic as fuck, invents weird hipster names and "personal pronouns" for himself, has some ugly body modifications, wears cringe rabbit costumes, he thinks his art is so good he has to "protect" it with fascist licenses and writes in a cringe pompous/cryptic style probably in hopes to appear smart while just making it shithard to make sense of his texts. The only thing he's missing is a fedora. Anyway, that's just a quick sum up of the cancer stuff.

There are also nice things though, a few of them being:

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