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Work is a glorification of slavery.

Work is an unpleasant effort that one is required to suffer, such as harvesting crops or debugging computer programs. Work hurts living beings and takes away the meaning of their lives, it destroys their bodies and minds. Work makes us slaves, it wastes our lives and is a cause of a large number of suicides -- many consider it better to die than to work. One of the main goals of civilization is to eliminate any need for work, i.e. create machines that will do all the work for humans (see automation).

While good society tries to eliminate work, capitalism aims for the opposite, i.e. artificially creating bullshit jobs and bullshit needs so as to keep everyone enslaved to the system. Fortunately movements such as the antiwork movement try to oppose this, however masses have already been brainwashed to be hostile to such movements and instead demand their own enslavement.

We see it as essential to start educating people about the issue as well as starting to eliminate jobs immediately with things such as automation and universal basic income.

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