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Wiki Style

This outlines the style and rules of this Wiki that should ensure "quality" and consistency. You should read this before contributing.

If you contribute, add yourself to wiki authors! You can also join us on the Island.


  1. Everything is public domain under CC0 to which all contributors agree. No one owns what we write here.
  2. No fair use or even unfair use. We want this Wiki to be as free as possible and don't thread the fine legal lines. That means you can't directly include anything on this Wiki if it's copyrighted, even if it's under a free license. So generally avoid any copy pasting and rather try to write everything yourself.
  3. No unnecessary censorship. Necessary censorship basically only includes spam, shitty content, IP-infected content (content that would make this wiki not be in public domain) and hardcore illegal stuff that would immediately put us in jail, though we would of course love to include it. However spreading truth mustn't be hurt by fear of jail. Controversial/incorrect/taboo content etc. is NOT to be censored.


Articles should be written to be somewhat readable and understandable to tech savvy people who already know something about technology, i.e. not only experts (as is sometimes the case e.g. on Wikipedia). Each article should ideally start with a general dictionary definition and continue with a simple general explanation and overview of the topic. With more paragraphs the text can get more complex. The idea is that a noob will read the first paragraph, understand the basic idea and take something away. A more advanced reader will read further on and take away more things etc. I.e. we educate in a top-down approach.


These are some sources you can use for research and gathering information for articles:


Basically the purpose of this wiki is to have fun and also create a coherent and consistent philosophy of a truly good software, technology and also to a related degree society.

Additionally we want to create a nice, completely public domain, suckless educational resource, an encyclopedia that's written in a nicer style than e.g. Wikipedia.

Another goal is to serve as a historical account of our age. We suppose that people in the future may want to read first-hand accounts of how people saw the society and its technology, what they thought was important, what they predicted etc. We like to do this ourselves thanks to e.g. Project Gutenberg. Kids in the future will be like "haha those idiots couldn't see they would bloat themselves to death", this Wiki will show that indeed we foresaw it, we were just in a huge minority. Future kids: don't repeat the same mistakes we did.

All content available under CC0 1.0 (public domain). Send comments and corrections to drummyfish at disroot dot org.