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Wiby is a minimalist non-corporate web search engine for old-style non-bloated (web 1.0, "smol web") websites. Searching on wiby will yield small, simple websites, mostly non-interactive, static HTML personal/hobby sites, small community sites and obscure weird sites -- this kind of searching is not only fun, adventurous and nostalgic 90s like experience, but it actually leads to finding useful information which on corporate search engines like Google or Bing get buried under billions of useless noise sites and links to "content platforms" like YouTube and reddit. We highly recommend searching on wiby.

It can be accessed at https://wiby.me and https://wiby.org. Of course, no JavaScript is needed! Clicking "surprise me" on wiby is an especially entertaining activity, you never know what comes at you. A site dedicated to identifying historical bottles? Ice chewers forum? A list of longest domain names? Yes, this is the kind of stuff you'll get, and more.

The engine doesn't automatically crawl the whole web, it instead works by users submitting links, the admin approving them and a bot potentially crawling these sites to a small depth. Be sure to contribute quality links to improve the database!

Wiby appears to have been launched in October 2017 and built by a sole programmer who remains anonymous and accepts donations. On the ASCII art on the front page there are initials jgs which may or may not point to the author of wiby.

On July 8, 2022 wiby became even more amazing by being released as free (as in freedom) software under GPLv2 (https://github.com/wibyweb/wiby/)! It works on the LEMP stack. See http://wiby.me/about/guide.html. (The database of sites though seems to remain proprietary.)

A similar search engine seems to be https://search.marginalia.nu/.

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