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United States of America (USA, US or just "murika") is a dystopian country of fat, stupid fascist people enslaved by capitalism, people endlessly obsessed with things such as money, wars, shooting their presidents and shooting up their schools. USA consists of 50 states located in North America, a continent that ancestors of Americans invaded and have stolen from Indians, the natives whom Americans mass murdered.

USA is very similar to North Korea: in both countries the people are successfully led to believe their country is the best. North Korea is ruled by a single political party, US is ruled by two practically same militant capitalist imperialist parties (democrats and republicans), i.e. de-facto one party as well. Both countries are obsessed with weapons and their military, both are highly and openly fascist (nationalist). Both countries are full of extreme propaganda, censorship and greatly support cult of personality, people worship dictators such as Kim Jong-un or Steve Jobs. US is even worse than North Korea because it exports its toxic culture over the whole world and constantly invades other countries, it is destroying all other cultures and leads the whole world to doom and destruction of all life.

In US mainstream politics there exists no true left, only right and pseudoleft. It is only in extreme underground, out of the sight of most people, where occasionally something good comes into existence as an exception to a general rule that nothing good comes from the US. One of these exceptions is free software (established by Richard Stallman) which was however quickly smothered by the capitalist open source counter movement.

On 6th and 9th August 1945 USA casually killed about 200000 civilians, most of whom were innocent men, women and children, by throwing atomic bombs on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The men who threw the bombs and ordered the bombing were never put on trial, actually most Americans praise them as heroes and think it was a good thing to do.

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