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{ WIP, still being researched. Was trying to reach the Tio guy but he didn't respond. ~drummyfish }

TROM (The Reality Of Me) is a project running since 2011 that's educating mainly about the harmfulness of trade-based society and tries to show a better way: that of establishing so called trade-free (in the sense of WITHOUT trade) society. It is similar to e.g. Venus Project (with which TROM collaborated for a while), the Zeitgeist Movement and our own LRS -- it shares the common core of opposing money and trade as a basis of society (which they correctly identify as the core issue), even though it differs in some details that we (LRS) don't see as wholly insignificant. The project website is at https://www.tromsite.com/.

TROM was started and is run by a Romanian guy called Tio (born June 12 1988, according to blog), he has a personal blog at https://www.tiotrom.com and now lives mostly in Spain. The project seems more or less run just by him.

The project is funded through Patereon and has created a very impressive volume of very good quality educational materials including books, documentaries, memes, even its own GNU/Linux distro (Tromjaro). The materials TROM creates sometimes educate about general topics (e.g. language), not just those directly related to trade-free society -- Tio says that he simply likes to learn all about the world and then share his knowledge.

The idea behind TROM is very good and similar to LRS, but just as the Venus project it is a bit sus, we align with many core ideas and applaud many things they do, but can't say we 100% support everything about TROM.


{ WATCH OUT, this is a work in progress sum up based only on my at the moment a rather brief research of the project, I don't yet guarantee this sum up is absolutely correct, that will require me to put in much more time. Read at own risk. ~drummyfish }

good things about TROM:

bad things about TROM:

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