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Tranny Software

Tranny software is a harmful software developed within and infected by the culture of the toxic LGBTFJJJGIIQWWQW SJW pseudoleftists, greatly characterized e.g. by codes of conduct, bad engineering and excluding straight white males from the development in the name of "inclusivity". Such software is retarded. It is practically always a high level of bloat with features such as censorship, bugs and spyware.

To be clear, tranny software does NOT stand for software written by transsexuals, it stands for a specific kind of software infected by fascism (in its features, development practices, culture, goals etc.) which revolves around things such as sexual identity. Of course with good technology it doesn't matter by whom it is made. For god's sake do NOT bully individuals for being transsexual! Refuse bad software.

Some characteristics of tranny software are:

Examples of tranny software are:

Example of software that doesn't seem to be tranny software:

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