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Terry Davis

"An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity" --Terry Davis

Terry A. Davis, aka the divine intellect, born 1969 in Wisconsin, was a genius+schizophrenic programmer that singlehandedly created TempleOS in his own programming language called HolyC, and greatly entertained and enlightened an audience of followers until his tragic untimely death. For his programming skills and quality videos he became a legend and a meme in the tech circles, especially on 4chan which additionally valued his autistic and politically incorrect behavior.

He was convinced he could talk to God and that God commanded him to make an operating system with certain parameters such as 640x480 resolution, also known as the God resolution. According to himself he was gifted a divine intellect and was, in his own words, the "best programmer that ever lived". Terry was making YouTube talking/programming videos in which God was an often discussed topic, alongside valuable programming advice and a bit of good old racism. He was also convinced that the government was after him and often delved into the conspiracies against him, famously proclaiming that "CIA niggers glow in the dark" ("glowing in dark" subsequently caught on as a phrase used for anything suspicious). He was in mental hospital several times and later became homeless, but continued to post videos from his van. An entertaining fact is also that he fell in love with a famous female physics YouTuber Dianna Cowern which he stalked online. In 2018 he was killed by a train (officially a suicide but word has it CIA was involved) but he left behind tons of videos full of endless entertainment, and sometimes even genuine wisdom.

Terry, just as us, greatly valued simplicity and fun in programming, he was a low-level programmer and saw that technology went to shit and wanted to create something in the oldschool style, and he expressed his will to dedicate his creation to the public domain. This is of course extremely based and appreciated by us (though the actual public domain dedication wasn't executed according to our recommendations).

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