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Temple OS

Temple OS is a funny operating system made by a schizo guy Terry Davis who has become a meme and achieved legendary status for this creation in the Internet tech circles as it's extremely impressive that a single man creates such a complex OS and also the OS features and the whole context of its creation are quite funny. It has a website at https://templeos.org.

According to Terry, God commanded him to write TempleOS and guided him in the development: for example it was demanded that the resolution be 640x480. It is written in HolyC, Terry's own programming language. The OS comes with GUI, 2D and 3D library, games and even a program for communicating with God.

Notable Temple OS features and programs are:

In his video blogs Terry talked about how technology became spoiled and that TempleOS is supposed to be simple and fun. For this and other reasons the OS is limited in many way, for example:

Temple OS source code has over 100000 LOC. It is publicly available and said to be in the public domain, however there is no actual license/waiver in the repository besides some lines such as "100% public domain" which are legally questionable and likely ineffective (see licensing).

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