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Slowly Boiling The Frog

Slowly boiling the frog is a phrase said to communicate the idea that people will tolerate a great change for the worse if that change is very gradual, even if they would absolutely not tolerate this change being made quickly. It refers to an experiment in which a frog doesn't jump out of boiling water if the water temperature is raised very gradually (even though according to "modern science" this experiment isn't real).

For example the amount and aggressiveness of brainwashing ads and technological abuse that young people tolerate nowadays would have been absolutely unacceptable a few decades ago, but now it's the reality of life that few even question (some complete retards like that linus tech faggot even defend it).

The technique of slowly boiling the frog is used by corporations, governments, fascists and idiots to slowly take away people's freedom in small steps: each step takes away a bit of freedom while promising some reward, normally in form of additional comfort -- normal people are too braindead to see the obvious trick and are enthusiastic about the change. If you tell them that giving up net neutrality or P2P encryption will eventually lead to almost complete loss of freedom, they label you a tinfoil or "conspiracy theorist", they tell you that "it's not a big deal". So it will go on with other and other changes and the normie is still happy because he can only see one step ahead or behind. The bad thing is that it's not only the normie who will suffer --in fact he may even be happy as a slave robot of the system -- but you will suffer as well. Normies decide the future of the environment we all have to live in.

Slowly boiling the frog works very well when spanning several generations because a new generation won't remember that things used to be better. Parents can tell them but young never listen to older generations, or take them seriously. A zooomer won't remember that computers used to be better, he thinks that bloated phones filled with ads and DRM that don't work without Internet connection and that spy on you constantly are the only way of technology.

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