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SIGBOVIK (special interest group on Harry Q. Bovik) is a computer science conference running since 2007 that focuses on researching and presenting fun ideas in fun ways, scientifically but in a lighthearted hacker spirit similar to e.g. esoteric programming languages research or the IOCCC. SIGBOVIK has their own proceedings just like other scientific conferences, the contributors are usually professional researchers and experts in computer science. The name seems to be a reference to the "serious" conferences such as SIGGRAPH, SIGMOD etc. (SIGBOVIK is organized by the Association for Computational Heresy while the "serious" SIGs are run by Asscoiation for Computing Machinery, ACM).

A famous contributor to the conference is e.g. Tom7, a PhD who makes absolutely lovely youtube videos about his fun research (e.g. this one is excellent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpXy041BIlA).

{ Skimming through the proceedings sadly most of the stuff seems rather silly, though there are a few good papers, usually those by Tom7. Maybe I'm just dumb. ~drummyfish }

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