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"As passwords first appeared at the MIT AI Lab I decided to follow my belief that there should be no passwords... I don't believe it's desirable to have security on a computer." -- Richard Stallman (from the book Free As In Freedom)

Computer security (also cybersecurity) is the study of designing computer systems so as to make them hard to "attack" (which usually means accessing "sensitive" information, manipulating it or destabilizing the system itself). At the dawn of computer era security wasn't such a big deal as society didn't depend on computers so much and damage one could cause by exploiting them was limited, however once consumer technology became forced by capitalism and put into EVERYTHING -- companies, governments, streets, homes, clothes, even human bodies and things that can work better without such technology (see e.g. Internet of stinks) -- privacy became another bullshit issue of society as cracking now theoretically allows not only killing individuals but wiping whole countries off the map. Recently security has become a lot concerned with ensuring digital "privacy".

If you want security, the most basic thing to do is to disconnect from the Internet.

Security is in its essence an unnecessary bullshit. It shouldn't exist, the need for more security comes from the fact we live in a shitty dystopia. In a good society there would be no need for security and people could spend their time by solving real problems. We, LRS, advocate NOT for increasing security (which leads to things like police states, censorship, bloat etc.), but for decreasing the need for it, i.e. steering society towards a better direction.

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