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Raylib is a free, relatively KISS, portable C (C99) library intended mainly for game development, offering IO handling, 2D and 3D graphics, audio, loading of different image and 3D formats etc., while restraining from a lot of bullshit of "modern" bloated engines/frameworks such as having tons of dependencies and targeting only very fast computing platforms. Raylib is pretty cool and employs many of the LRS/suckless ideas, even though from our strict point of view it is still a bit more complex than it really needs to be, e.g. by using floating point and relying on GPU accelerated 3D graphics. In terms of bloat it can be seen as a mid way between the mainstream (e.g. Godot) and LRS/suckless (e.g. small3dlib).

The following are some features of raylib as of writing this. The good and neutral features seem to be:

And some of the bad features are:

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