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RationalWiki (https://rationalwiki.org/) is a toxic child atheist pseudorationalist/pseudoskeptic SJW wiki website that specializes in attacking rational views on controversial topics on the Internet. It is recommended you delete this website from your bookmarks or it will probably give you brain cancer.

Typically for a pseudoleftist site, a tactic of using misleading names is widely used as one of the main means of operation, e.g. racial realism is called racism, politically inconvenient science is called pseudoscience and, of course, soyence is promoted as the "only true unquestionable science". The name of the wiki itself seems to suggest it has something to do with rationality, which is of course very misleading, if not a downright lie -- the purpose of the wiki seems to be solely promotion of modern harmful religion and cults such as capitalism and political correctness, while bashing anything slightly off the mainstream.

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