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Kids today will absolutely NOT remember what Nokia did with phones back then, the richness, amazing creativity, fun. Apple? WTF, that's like absolute nothing, Nokia was absolutely dominating the shit and coming up with INSANE designs you wouldn't believe. The guys must have been smoking some shit all day, they were like what haven't we done yet? Let's put the buttons all over the shit, let's make it round, let's make it fat, let's make the phone a literal square, let's make it a handheld console. And it worked, it was freakin art, everyone loved it, each phone was unique like, even with different GUI and everything. It was beautiful.

{ IMHO the peak of Nokia was 6600. Just look it up, I've never seen such beautiful design, AND it was such a high tech device back them, unreachable for a kid like me. Just the idea of having a real computer with an operating system in a pocket, with games, even a freaking video camera to shoot videos with, that was absolutely unreal to me. I wanted it so badly, I wanted it more than anything else. I had dreams about it. I also extremely enjoyed comparing it to the biggest competition Siemens SX1, that was a great device too. It was like a clash of two bosses. ~drummyfish }

{ Also I remember I was once kicked out of a cell phone shop because they had 6600 there for customers to try it out and I was spending hours playing some LOTR games on it xD I remember it like today, it kind of marked me. ~drummyfish }

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