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Newspeak is a modified form of natural language (e.g. English) twisted for the purpose of thought control of mass population, with propaganda and ideology built in so as to affect thinking of people in a ways desired by the rulers of society. Newspeak was first described in the story of George Orwell's 1949 book called Nineteen Eighty Four and it is now being implemented in the real world, especially since about the end of 20th century, by the pseudoleft and capitalists (i.e. liberals). Refusing to use newspeak is labeled thought crime, wrongthink, hate speech or psychological disorder and punished either officially by government or unofficially by society-approved and state-tolerated lynching (so called cancelling). So called "hate speech" is now punishable by law in most first world countries.

Real world newspeak is characterized by banning certain keywords, for example so called slurs such as nigger, faggot or retard, as well as forcing political correctness ("gender neutral nouns", replacing "man" with "person" etc.), inventing euphemisms for harmful and oppressive concepts (copyright instead of copyrestriction, moderation instead of censorship etc.), redefining the meanings of existing terms such as racism (originally hating people of certain race, now anyone who disagrees with mainstream pseudoleft ideology), homophobia (originally hating gay people, now anyone who disagrees with pseudoleft ideology regarding LGBT), rape (originally sexual violence, now any action taken by man towards a woman) and inventing completely new terms such as hate speech and sanism serving for eliminating ideological opposition and suppression of free speech.

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