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See also NC.

In the context of licenses the acronym ND stands for no derivatives and means "no derivative works allowed" -- this is an unpopular limitation that makes such a license by definition proprietary (i.e. NOT a free cultural license). A work licensed under a license with ND clause -- most notably the CC BY-NC-ND license -- prohibits anyone from making derivative (i.e. modified) works from the original work, on grounds of copyright, which goes against one of the very fundamental ideas of free culture (and just any sane culture), that of free remixing, improvement, combining and reuse of art; it kills artistic freedom, culture, opens the door to legal bullying and strengthens the harmful capitalist idea of "intellectual property". All in all ND licenses are cancer, NEVER USE THEM.

The ND clause is similarly harmful to the NC (non-commercial-only) clause -- see the NC article for more detail.

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