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Marketing is an unethical practice, plentifully used in capitalism, of forcing a product or corporate propaganda by means of lying, tricks, brainwashing, torture, exploiting psychological weaknesses of people and others. This manifests mostly as advertisements and commercials in media but also in other ways such as fake product reviews, product placement etc.

Specific practices used in marketing are:

These practices are not rare, they are not even a behavior of a minority, they are not illegal and people don't even see them as unusual or undesirable. People in the US are so brainwashed they even pay to see commercials (Super Bowl). Under capitalism these practices are the norm and are getting worse and worse ever year.

A naive idea still present among people is that ethical marketing is possible or that it's something that can be fixed by some law, a petition or something similar. In late stage capitalism this is not possible as an "ethical" marketing is a non effective marketing. Deciding to drop the most efficient weapons in the market warfare will only lead to the company losing customers to competition who embraces the unethical means, eventually going bankrupt and disappearing, leaving the throne to the bad guys. Laws will not help as laws are made to firstly favor the market, corporations pay full time lobbyists and law makers themselves are owners of corporations. Even if some small law against "unethical marketing" passes, the immense force and pressure of all the strongest corporations will work 24/7 on reverting the law and/or finding ways around it, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical.

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