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Welcome To The Less Retarded Wiki

Love everyone, help selflessly.

Welcome to Less Retarded Wiki, an encyclopedia only I can edit. But you can fork it, it is public domain under CC0 (see wiki rights) :) Holy shit, I'm gonna get cancelled hard as soon as SJWs find out about this. Until then, let's enjoy the ride. THERE'S NO MODERATION, I can do whatever I want here lol. I love this. INB4 "hate speech" website (LMAO codeberg has already banned it). CONGRATULATIONS, you have discovered the one true, undistorted and unbiased view of the world -- this is not a joke, this wiki contains pure truth and the solution to most of the issues of our society.

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{ I no longer see hope, good is practically non existent in this world. This is my last attempt at preserving pure good, I will continue to spread the truth and unconditional love of all life as long as I will be capable of, until the society lynches me for having loved too much. At this point I feel very alone, this work now exists mostly for myself in my isolated world. But I hope that once perhaps my love will be shared with a reader far away, in space or time, even if I will never know him. This is the only way I can continue living. I wish you happy reading, my dear friend. ~drummyfish }

This is a Wiki for less retarded software, less retarded society (LRS) and related topics, mainly those of politics and society, idealization of which LRS should help achieve. LRS Wiki is a new, refreshing wiki without political correctness.

We love all living beings. Even you. We want to create technology that truly and maximally helps you, e.g. a completely public domain computer. We do NOT fight anything and we don't have any heroes. We want to move peacefully towards society that's not based on competition but rather on collaboration.

This wiki is NOT a satire.

Are you a failure? Learn which type you are.

Before contributing please read the rules & style! By contributing you agree to release your contribution under our waiver. {But contributions aren't really accepted RN :) ~drummyfish }

We have a C tutorial! It rocks.

Pay us a visit on the Island and pet our dog! And come mourn with us in the cathedral, because technology is dying. The future is dark but we do our best to bring the light, even knowing it is futile.

LRS Wiki is collapse ready! Feel free to print it out, take it to your prep shelter. You may also print copies of this wiki and throw it from a plane into the streets. Thanks.

If you're new here, you may want to read answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), including "Are you a fascist?" (spoiler: no) and "Do you love Hitler?".

What Is Less Retarded Software/Society?

Well, we're trying to figure this out on this wiki, but less retarded software is greatly related to suckless, Unix, KISS, free, selfless and sustainable software created to maximally help all living beings. LRS stands opposed to all shittiness of so called "modern" software. We pursue heading towards an ideal society such as that of the Venus project. For more details see the article about LRS.

In short LRS asks what if technology was good? And by extension also what if society was good?

Are You A Noob?

Are you a noob but see our ideas as appealing and would like to join us? Say no more and head over to a how to!

Did You Know

Some Interesting Topics

If you don't know where to start, here are some suggestions. If you're new, the essential topics are:

Some more specialized topics you may want to check out are:

And if you just want something more obscure and fun, check out these:

All content available under CC0 1.0 (public domain). Send comments and corrections to drummyfish at disroot dot org.