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Luke Smith

Luke Smith was -- before becoming a crypto influencer and a turd in a suit (around 2022) -- an Internet tech mini-celebrity known for making videos about suckless software, independent living in the woods and here and there about historical, political, linguist and religious topics. He played a big role in making suckless more popular, however he later started to behave in hugely retarded ways and now isn't worth following anymore.

His look has been described as the default Runescape character: he is bald, over 30 years old and lives in a rural location in Florida (exact coordinates have been doxxed but legally can't be shared here, but let's just say the road around his house bears his name). He has a podcast called Not Related! in which he discusses things such as alternative historical theories -- actually a great podcast. He has a minimalist 90s style website https://lukesmith.xyz/ and his own peertube instace where his videos can be watched if one doesn't want to watch them on YouTube. He is the author of LARBS and minimalist recipe site https://based.cooking/ (recently he spoiled the site with some shitty web framework lol).

He used to be kind of based in things like identifying the harmfulness of bloat and soyence, but also retarded to a great degree other times, for example he used to shill the Brave browser pretty hard before he realized it was actually a huge scam all along xD He's a crypto fascist, also probably a Nazi. In July 2022 he started promoting some shitty bloated modern tranny website generator that literally uses JavaScript? WHAT THE FUCK. Like a good capitalist he instantly turned 180 degrees against his own teaching as soon as he smelled the promotion money. Also he's shilling crypto, he's anti-porn, anti-games and leans towards medieval ideas such as "imagination and boredom being harmful because it makes you search for porn" etc. He went to huge shit. Though he even now still probably promotes suckless somehow, he isn't a programmer (shell scripting isn't programming) and sometimes doesn't seem to understand basic programming ideas (such as branchless programming), he's more of a typical productivity retard. As of 2023 he seems to have become obsessed with adopting a new identity of a turd in a suit. All in all, a huge letdown, bye Luke, you won't be missed.

Luke is a type B fail.

His videos consisted of normie-friendly tutorials on suckless software, rants, independent living, live-streams and podcasts. The typical Luke Smith video is him walking somewhere in the middle of a jungle talking about how retarded modern technology is and how everyone should move to the woods.

Luke studies PhD in linguistics but is very critical of academia -- he "speaks" several languages (including Latin), though many of them to a low level with bad American accent and he can't sometimes even speak English correctly (using phrases such as "the reason is because", "less people" etc.). He is a self described right-winder and talks in meme phrases which makes his "content" kind of enjoyable. He despises such things as soydevry, bloat, "consoomerism" and soyence.

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