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There is an old language called LIL (little implementation language), but this article is about a different language also called LIL (little interpreted language by Kostas Michalopoulos).

Little interpreted language (LIL) is a very nice suckless, yet practically unknown interpreted programming language by Kostas Michalopoulos which can very easily be embedded in other programs. In this it is similar to Lua but is even more simple: it is implemented in just two C source code files (lil.c and lil.h) that together count about 3700 LOC. It is provided under zlib license. More information about it is available at http://runtimeterror.com/tech/lil.

{ LIL is relatively amazing. I've been able to make it work on such low-specs hardware as Pokitto (32kb RAM embedded). ~drummyfish }

LIL has two implementations, one in C and one in Free Pascal, and also comes with some kind of GUI and API.

The language design is very nice, its interesting philosophy is that everything is a string, for example arithmetic operations are performed with a function expr which takes a string of an arithmetic expression and returns a string representing the result number.

For its simplicity there is no bytecode which would allow for more efficient execution and optimization.

TODO: example

{ I've been looking at the source and unfortunately there are some imperfections. The code uses goto (may not be bad but I dunno). Also unfortunately stdlib, stdio, string and other standard libraries are used as well as malloc. The code isn't really commented and I find the style kind of hard to read. }

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