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John Carmack

John Carmack is a brilliant legendary programmer that's contributed mostly to computer graphics and stands behind engines of such games as Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake. He helped pioneer real-time 3D graphics, created many hacks and algorithms (e.g. the reverse shadow volume algorithm). He is also a rocket engineer.

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ASCII art of John Carmack

He's kind of the ridiculously stereotypical nerd with glasses that just from the way he talks gives out the impression of someone with high functioning autism. You can just sense his IQ is over 9000. Some nice shit about him can be read in the (sadly proprietary) book Masters of Doom.

Carmack is a proponent of FOSS and has released his old game engines as such which gave rise to an enormous amount of modifications, forked engines and even new games (e.g. Freedoom and Xonotic). He's probably leaning more towards the dark side of the source: the open-source. In 2021 Carmack tweeted that he would have rather licensed his old Id engines under a permissive BSD license than the GPL, which is good.

In 2013 he sadly sold his soul to Facebook to work on VR (in a Facebook owned company Oculus).

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