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Githopping is a disease similar to distrohopping but applied to git hosting websites. The disease has become an epidemics after the Micro$oft's take over of GitHub when people started protest-migrating to GitLab, however GitLab became shit as well so people started hopping to other services like Codeberg etcetc. and now they are addicted to just copying their code from one site to another instead of doing actual programming.

Cure: free yourself of any git hosting, don't centralize your repos on one hosting, use multiple git hostings as mirrors for your code, i.e. add multiple push remotes to your local git and with every push update your repos all over the internet. Just spray the internet with your code and let it sink in, let it be captured in caches and archive sites and let it be preserved. DO NOT tie yourself to any specific git hosting by using any non-git features such as issue trackers or specialized CLI tools such as github cli. DO NOT use git hosting sites as a social network, just stop attention whoring for stars and likes, leave this kind of shit to tiktokers.

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