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Geek is a wannabe nerd, it's someone who wants to identify with being smart rather than actually being smart. Geeks are basically what used to be called a smartass in the old days -- overly confident conformists occupying mount stupid who think soyence is actual science, they watch shows like Rick and Morty and Big Bang Theory, they browse Rational Wiki and reddit -- especially r/atheism, and they make appearances on r/iamverysmart -- they wear T-shirts with cheap references to 101 programming concepts and uncontrollably laugh at any reference to number 42, they think they're computer experts because they know the word Linux, managed to install Ubuntu or drag and drop programmed a "game" in Godot. Geeks don't really have their own opinions, they just adopt opinions presented on 9gag, they are extremely weak and don't have extreme views. They usually live the normal conformist life, they have friends, normal day job, wife and kids, but they like to say they "never fit it" -- a true nerd is living in a basement and doesn't meet any people, he lives on the edge of suicide and doesn't nearly complain as much as the "geek".

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