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Game Engine

Game engine is a software, usually a framework or a library, that serves as a base code for games. Such an engine may be seen as a platform allowing portability and offering preprogrammed functionality often needed in games (3D rendering, physics engine, I/O, networking, AI, audio, scripting, ...) as well as tools used in game development (level editor, shader editor, 3D editor, ...).

A game engine differs from a general multimedia engine/library, such as SDL, by its specific focus on games. It is also different from generic rendering engines such as 3D engines like OpenSceneGraph because games require more than just rendering (audio, AI, physics, ...). While one may use some general purpose technology such as C or SDL for creating a game, using a game engine should make the process easier. However, beware of bloat that plagues most mainstream game engines. LRS advises against use of any frameworks, so try to at worst use a game library. Many game programmers such as Jonathan Blow advocate and practice writing own engines for one's games.

Existing Engines

The following are some notable game engines.

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