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Not to be confused with any American pseudosport.

Football is one of the most famous sport games in which two teams face each other and try to score goals by kicking an inflated ball. It is one of the best sports not only because it is genuinely fun to play and watch but also because of its essentially simple rules, accessibility (not for rich only, all that's really needed is something resembling a ball) and relatively low discrimination -- basically anyone can play it, unlike for example basketball in which height is key; in amateur football even fat people can take part (they are usually assigned the role of a goalkeeper). Idiots call football soccer.

We, LRS, highly value football, as it's a very KISS sport that can be played by anyone anywhere without needing expensive equipment. It is the sport of the people, very popular in poor parts of the world.

Football can be implemented as a video game or inspire a game mode -- this has been done e.g. in Xonotic (the Nexball mode) or SuperTuxKart.


As football is so widely played on all levels and all around the world, there are many versions and rule sets of different games in the football family, and it can sometimes be difficult to even say what classifies as football and what's a different sport. There are games like futsal and beach football that may or may not be seen as a different sport. The most official rules of what we'd call football are probably those known as Laws of the Game governed by International Football Association Board (IFAB) -- these rules are used e.g. by FIFA, various national competitions etc. Some organizations, e.g. some in the US, use different but usually similar rules. We needn't say these high level rules are pretty complex -- Laws of the Game have over 200 pages and talk not just about the mechanics of the game but also things such as allowed advertising, political and religious symbolism, referee behavior etc.

Here is a simple ASCII rendering of the football pitch:

   |                    :                    |
   |                    :                    |
   |........            :            ........|
   |       :            :            :       |
   |....   :            :            :   ....|
 __|   :   :            :            :   :   |__
|G :   :   :            :            :   :   : G|
|1 :   :   :            O            :   :   : 2|
|__:   :   :            :            :   :   :__|
   |...:   :            :            :   :...|
   |       :            :            :       |
   |.......:            :            :.......|
   |                    :                    |
   |                    :                    |
  C3                                         C4

In amateur games simpler rules are used -- a sum up of such rules follows:

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