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Type A/B Fail

Type A and type B fails are two very common cases of failing to adhere to the LRS politics/philosophy by only a small margin. Most people don't come even close to LRS politically or by their life philosophy -- these are simply general failures. Then there a few who ALMOST adhere to LRS politics and philosophy but fail in an important point, either by being/supporting pseudoleft (type A fail) or being/supporting right (type B fail). The typical cases are following (specific cases may not fully fit these, of course):

Type A/B fails are the "great filter" of the rare kind of people who show a great potential for adhering to LRS. It may be due to the modern western culture that forces a right-pseudoleft false dichotomy that even those showing a high degree of non-conformance eventually slip into the trap of being caught by one of the two poles. These two fails seem to be a manifestation of an individual's true motives of self interest which is culturally fueled with great force -- those individuals then try to not conform and support non-mainstream concepts like free culture or sucklessness, but eventually only with the goal of self interest. It seems to be extremely difficult to abandon this goal, much more than simply non-conforming. Maybe it's also the subconscious knowledge that adhering completely to LRS means an extreme loneliness; being type A/B fail means being a part of a minority, but still a having a supportive community, not being completely alone.

However these kinds of people may also pose a hope: if we could educate them and "fix their failure", the LRS community could grow rapidly. If realized, this step could even be seen as the main contribution of LRS -- uniting the misguided rightists and pseudoleftists by pointing out errors in their philosophies (errors that may largely be intentionally forced by the system anyway exactly to create the hostility between the non-conforming, as a means of protecting the system).

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