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Esoteric Programming Language

So called esoteric programming languages (esolangs) are highly experimental and fun programming languages that employ bizarre ideas. Popular languages of this kind include Brainfuck, Chef or Omgrofl.

There is a wiki for esolangs, the Esolang Wiki. If you want to behold esolangs in all their beauty, see https://esolangs.org/wiki/Hello_world_program_in_esoteric_languages_(nonalphabetic_and_A-M). The Wiki is published under CC0!

Some notable ideas employed by esolangs are:

Esolangs are great because:


INTERCAL, made in 1972 by Donald Woods and James Lyon, is considered the first esolang in history: its goal was specifically intended to be different from traditional languages and so for example a level of politeness was introduced -- if there weren't enough PLEASE labels in the source code, the compiler wouldn't compile the program.

In 2005 esolang wiki was started.

Specific Languages

The following is a list of some notable esoteric languages.

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