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Drummyfish (also known as tastyfish, drummy, drumy, smellyfish and i forcefeed my diarrhea to capitalism) is a programmer, anarchopacifist and proponent of free software/culture, who started this wiki and invented the kind of software it focuses on: less retarded software (LRS). Besides others he has written Anarch, small3dlib, raycastlib, smallchesslib, tinyphysicsengine, SAF and comun. He has also been creating free culture art and otherwise contributing to free projects such as OpenMW; he's been contributing with public domain art of all kind (2D, 3D, music, ...) and writings to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, opengameart, libregamewiki, freesound and others. Drummyfish is insane/neuroretarded, suffering from anxiety/depression/etcetc. (diagnosed avoidant personality disorder) and has more than once been called a schizo, though psychiatrists didn't officially diagnose him with schizophrenia (yet). He also has no real life and is pretty retarded when it comes to leading projects or otherwise dealing with people or practical life. He is a wizard.

Drummyfish is the most physically disgusting bastard on Earth, no woman ever loved him, he is so ugly people get suicidal thoughts from seeing any part of him.

He loves all living beings, even those whose attributes he hates or who hate him. He is a vegetarian and here and there supports good causes, for example he donates hair and gives money to homeless people who ask for them.

Drummyfish has a personal website at www.tastyfish.cz, and a gopherhole at self.tastyfish.cz.

Photos of drummyfish: young, older (after being confronted with real life) and naked.

Drummyfish's real name is Miloslav Číž, he was born on 24.08.1990 and lives in Moravia, Czech Republic, Earth (he rejects the concept of a country/nationalism, the info here serves purely to specify a location). He is a more or less straight male of the white race. He started programming at high school in Pascal, then he went on to study compsci (later focused on computer graphics) in a Brno University of Technology and got a master's degree, however he subsequently refused to find a job in the industry, partly because of his views (manifested by LRS) and partly because of mental health issues (depressions/anxiety/avoidant personality disorder). He rather chose to stay closer to the working class and do less harmful slavery such as cleaning and physical spam distribution, and continues hacking on his programming (and other) projects in his spare time in order to be able to do it with absolute freedom.

In 2019 drummyfish has written a "manifesto" of his ideas called Non-Competitive Society that describes the political ideas of an ideal society. It is in the public domain under CC0 and available for download online.

{ Why doxx myself? Following the LRS philosophy, I believe information should be free. Censorship -- even in the name of privacy -- goes against information freedom. We should live in a society in which people are moral and don't abuse others by any means, including via availability of their private information. And in order to achieve ideal society we have to actually live it, i.e. slowly start to behave as if it was already in place. Of course, I can't tell you literally everything (such as my passwords etc.), but the more I can tell you, the closer we are to the ideal society. ~drummyfish }

He likes many things such as animals, peace, freedom, programming, math and games (e.g. Xonotic and OpenArena, even though he despises competitive behavior in real life).

Does drummyfish have divine intellect? Hell no, but thanks to his extreme tendency for isolation, great curiosity and obsession with truth he is possibly the only man on Earth completely immune to propaganda, he can see the world as it is, not as it is presented, so he feels it is his moral duty to share what he is seeing. He is able to overcome his natural dumbness and low IQ by tryharding and sacrificing his social and sexual life so that he can program more. If drummyfish can learn to program LRS, so can you.

All content available under CC0 1.0 (public domain). Send comments and corrections to drummyfish at disroot dot org.