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Distrohopping is a serious mental disease that makes people waste lives on constantly switching GNU/linux distributions ("distros"). This affects mostly those of the lowest skill in tech who feel the need to LARP as wannabe tech nerds; as it's been said, an amateur is obsessed with tools, an expert is obsessed with mastery (Richard Stallman has for example famously never installed GNU/Linux himself as he has better things to do) -- a true programmer will just settle with a comfy Unix environment that can run vim and dedicate his time to creating a timeless source code while the hopper, like a mere animal, is just busy masturbating to a new bastard child of Ubuntu and Arch Linux that adds a new wallpaper and support for vertical mice -- such an activity is basically as retarded as mainstream tech consumerism with the only difference being a hopper isn't limited by finance so he can just distrohop 24/7 and hop himself to death.

TODO: cure? take the bsd pill? :-)

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