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Corporation is basically a huge company that doesn't have a single owner but is rather managed by many shareholders. Corporations are one of the most powerful, dangerous and unethical entities that ever came into existence -- their power is growing, sometimes even beyond the power of states and their sole goal is to make as much profit as possible without any sense of morality. Existence of corporations is enabled by capitalism.

The most basic fact to know about corporations is that 100% of everything a corporation ever does is done 100% solely for maximizing its own benefit for any cost, with no other reason, with 0 morality and without any consideration of consequences. If a corporation could make 1 cent by raping 1000000000 children and get away with it, it would do so immediately without any hesitation and any regret. This is very important to keep in mind. Now try to not get depressed at realization that corporations are those to whom we gave power and who are in almost absolute control of the world.

Corporation is not a human, it has zero sense of morality and no emotion. The most basic error committed by retards is to reply to this argument with "but corporations are run by humans". This is an extremely dangerous argument because somehow 99.999999999999999999% people believe this could be true and accept it as a comforting argument so that they can continue their daily lives and do absolutely nothing about the disastrous state of society. The argument is of course completely false for a number of reasons: firstly corporations exclusively hire psychopaths for manager roles -- any corporation that doesn't do this will be eliminated by natural selection of the market environment because it will be weaker in a fight against other corporations, and its place will be taken by the next aspiring corporation waiting in line. Secondly corporations are highly sophisticated machines that have strong mechanisms preventing any ethical behavior -- for example division of labor in the "just doing my job"/"everyone does it" style allows for many people collaborating on something extremely harmful and unethical without any single one feeling responsibility for the whole, or sometimes without people even knowing what they are really collaborating on. This is taken to perfection by corporations not even having a single responsible owner -- there is a group of shareholders, none of whom has a sole responsibility, and there is the CEO who is just a tool and puppet with tied hands who is just supposed to implement the collective bidding of shareholders. Of course, most just don't care, and most don't even have a choice. Similar principles allowed for example the Holocaust to happen. Anyone who has ever worked anywhere knows that managers always pressure workers just to make money, not to behave more ethically -- of course, such a manager would be fired on spot -- and indeed, workers that try to behave ethically are replaced by those who make more money, just as companies that try to behave ethically in the market are replaced by those that rather make money, i.e. corporations. This is nothing surprising, the definition of capitalism implies existence of a system with Darwinian evolution that selects entities that are best at making money for any cost, and that is exactly what we are getting. To expect any other outcome in capitalism would be just trying to deny mathematics itself.

A corporation is made to exploit people just as a gun is made to kill people. When a corporation commits a crime, it is not punished like a human would be, the corporation is left to exist and continue doing what it has been doing -- a supposed "punishment" for a corporation that has been caught red handed committing a crime is usually just replacing whoever is ruled to be "responsible", for example the CEO, which is of course ridiculous, the guy is just replaced with someone else who will do exactly the same. This is like trying to fix the lethal nature of a weapon by putting all the blame on a screw in the weapon, then replacing the screw with another one and expecting the weapon to no longer serve killing people.

There is probably nothing we can do to stop corporations from taking over the world and eventually eliminating humans, we have probably passed the capitalist singularity.


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