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Communism (from communis -- common, shared) is a very wide term which most generally stands for the idea that sharing and equality should be the basic values of a society; as such it is a leftist idea which falls under socialism (i.e. basically focusing on people at large). There are very many branches, theories, political ideologies and schools of thought somewhat based on communism, for example Marxism, Leninism, anarcho communism, primitive communism, Christian communism etc. -- of course, some of these are good while others are evil and only abuse the word communism as a kind of brand (as also happens e.g. with anarchism). Sadly after the disastrous failure of the violent pseudocommunist revolutions of the 20th century, most people came to equate the word communism with oppressive militant regimes, however we have to stress that communism is not equal to USSR, Marxism-Lenninism, Stalinism or any other form of pseudocommunism, on the contrary, such regimes were rather hierarchical, violent and pseudocommunist, often downright fascist. We ourselves embrace true communism and base our LRS and less retarded society on ideas of unconditional sharing. Many other communities also work on more or less communist principles, see e.g. Jewish kibbutz, Sikhist langar, free software, or even just most families for that matter. The color red is usually associated with communism and the "hammer and sickle" (U+262D) is taken as its symbol, though that's mostly associated with the evil communist regimes and so its usage is to be greatly considered.

Common ideas usually associated with communism are (please keep in mind that this may differ depending on the specific flavor of communism):


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