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Capitalist Singularity

Capitalist singularity is a point in time at which capitalism becomes irreversible and the cancerous growth of society unstoppable due to corporations taking absolute control over society. It is when people lose any power to revolt against corporations as corporations become stronger than states and any other collective effort towards their control.

This is similar to the famous technological singularity, the difference being that society isn't conquered by a digital AI but rather a superintelligent entity in a form of corporation. While many people see the danger of superintelligent AIs, surprisingly not many have noticed that we've already seen rise of such AIs -- corporations. A corporation is an entity much more intelligent than any single individual, with the single preprogrammed goal of profit. A corporation doesn't have any sense of morals as morals are an obstacle towards making profit. A corporation runs on humans but humans don't control them; there are mechanisms in place to discourage moral behavior of people inside corporations and anyone exhibiting such behavior is simply replaced.

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