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Blender is an "open-source" 3D modeling and rendering software -- one of the most powerful and "feature-rich" (read bloated) ones, even compared to proprietary competition -- used not only by the FOSS community, but also the industry (commercial games, movies etc.), which is an impressive achievement in itself, however Blender is also a capitalist software suffering from many not-so-nice features such as bloat.

After version 2.76 Blender started REQUIRING OpenGL 2.1 due to its "modern" EEVEE renderer, deprecating old machines and giving a huge fuck you to all users with incompatible hardware (for example the users of RYF software). This new version also stopped working with the free Nouveau driver, forcing the users to use NVidia's proprietary drivers. Blender of course doesn't at all care about this. { I've been forced to use the extremely low FPS software GL version of Blender after 2.8. ~drummyfish }

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