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Anarchism (from Greek an, no and archos, ruler) is a socialist political philosophy rejecting any social hierarchy and oppression. Anarchism doesn't mean without rules, but without rulers; despite popular misconceptions anarchism is not chaos -- on the contrary, it strives for a stable, ideal society of equal people that live in peace. It means order without power. The symbols of anarchism include the letter A in a circle and a black flag that for different branches of anarchism is diagonally split from bottom left to top right and the top part is filled with a color specific for that branch.

A great many things about anarchism are explained in the text An Anarchist FAQ, which is free licensed and can be accessed e.g. at https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/the-anarchist-faq-editorial-collective-an-anarchist-faq-full.

Anarchism is a wide term and encompasses many flavors such as anarcho communism, anarcho pacifism, anarcho syndicalism, anarcho primitivism or anarcho mutualism. Some of the branches disagree on specific questions, e.g. about whether violence is ever justifiable, or propose different solutions to issues such as organization of society, however all branches of anarchism are socialist and all aim for elimination of social hierarchy such as social classes created by wealth, jobs and weapons, i.e. anarchism opposes state (e.g. police having power over citizens) and capitalism (employers exploiting employees, corporations exploiting consumers etc.).

There exist fake, pseudoanarchist ideologies such as "anarcho" capitalism (which includes e.g. so caleed crypto "anarchism") that deceive by their name despite by their very definition NOT fitting the definition of anarchism (just like Nazis called themselves socialists despite being the opposite). Also such shit as "anarcha" feminism are just fascist bullshit. The propaganda also tries to deceive the public by calling various violent criminals anarchists, even though they very often can't fit the definition of a true anarchist.

LRS is an anarchist movement, specifically anarcho pacifist and anarcho communist one.

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